SUP Launches ”Weah Step Down Campaign”


The Student Unification Party at the University of Liberia has launched what it calls the “Weah Step-Down Campaign”.

According to the campus-based political party, their decision is based on sixty  summarized into five  cardinal reasons including crumbling economy and increasing hardship, attack on the constitution and the rule of law  bad governance and poor administration amongst others.

SUP also named assault on press freedom and democracy and unfulfilled promises to the Liberian people.

The group has therefore called on President George Weah to resign his post or risk being impeached.

In thier release, the student party said the nation and its people remain hopeless and miserable more than ever before under the footballing president.

The release furthered  that Liberians seem overly thirsty for real change and genuine solution but the new ruling party under ex-soccer leader is unfit and corrupt to bring the expected deliverable.

Reading the Statement, SUP’s Chairman, Carlos Edison said economic indications and most recent data from World Bank about Liberia is even crawling behind crises-prone counties like DR. Congo, Burundi, Somalia and South Sudan.

”The economy of Liberia under President Weah remains very volatile and vulnerable due to high inflation, frail fiscal measures and weak policy actions as expressed in the March 2019 International Monetary Fund (IMF) Report”, Edison added in their release.

Some actions by President Weah and his Administration , the Student Party noted are in violation of the Constitution, naming the failure by to postpone the conduct of the 2018 By-elections in Montserrado County which contradicts article 37 of the 1986 constitution.

Unfulfilled promises including bring 6000 Nigerian Teachers in country, a knee-jerk tuition free education for public institutions of higher learning , construction of Mini-soccer stadiums in 7 counties are deceitful to the expectation of the Liberia people.

Others the Party named are Rehabilitating and reintegrating youth at risk (Zogo), ensuring that AFL widows and ex-AFL Soldiers are given attentions, ensuring that access to safe drinking water, improved housing, better sanitation are promises that people are yet to see.

Considering the reasons to their quest , SUP is calling on the President to ”do the honorable thing by resigning or risk being impeached” .

”SUP will never sit quietly to allow the country falls ” quoted in thier Mondays Press Release.

According to the group through its Chairman Carlos Edison the Weah Step Down Campaign is the last hope all Liberians have and must come to fruition.

The Campus based student party is hopeful that when their plight is met, the country will surface at the pleasure of its people ranging from all accepts.





  1. The reasons are strong and justifiable. SUP remains supreme. Long live the ever potent vanguard Student Unification Party.

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