Supreme Court Halts Senate’s Decision to Jail NEC Board of Commissioners


The Supreme Court of Liberia on Tuesday placed a stay order on the Liberian Senate contempt charge against the Board of Commissioners of the National Elections Commission (NEC).

The Liberian Senate held in contempt the Board of Commissioners of NEC over the long duration of electrical cases, which the senators believe violates the constitution.

According to the Senate, the constitution provides countable days in which electrical matters should be handled to avoid constitutional conflict and prevent underrepresentation at the legislature.

On Thursday of last week, the Senate plenary placed a 24-hour jail contempt charge against the NEC Board of Commissioners telling the commissioners to return to the senate plenary to be sent to jail on Tuesday, February 23, 2021

But the decision was overturned base on the intervention of the Supreme Court after NEC filed a complaint to the Court for rit of an injunction on the matter.

The Supreme Court in its communication to the senate requested for a conference on Wednesday, February 24 by 10 AM to justify their actions against the NEC Board of Commissioners.

The Supreme Court as the final said the action of the senate was unlawful and a violation of the constitution.