Susu Club Threatens Court Action Against Visually Impaired Widow


By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan (Bong County Correspondent)

Tenneh W. Tokpah, a visually impaired woman in Gbarnga, Bong County is crying out for support to settle a twelve thousand Liberian Dollars ($12,000LD) debt owed to a Susu club.

According to her, she credited the money to pay her daughter’s medical bill after she underwent caesarean delivery, but is now unable to pay the amount.

“After Nurses and Doctors at the CB Dumbar Maternity Hospital told me that my daughter would not give birth by herself, I was left with no alternative but to credit that money from the club to attend to my daughter’s treatments, but since then I have not gotten the replacement,” she added.

According to her, the local club has threatened court action against her anytime from now because the grace period given for the payment of their cash has expired.

“Right now I really need the support of anyone who this message will reach, please I’m begging all of them to come to my aide because when I don’t pay that money, I will be going to jail,” she appealed.

Ma- Tanneh said it will be more disastrous for a blind woman like her to be taken to jail adding that “all my children will soon die of starvation.”

Meanwhile, Madam Tokpah is also crying out for support to renovate her house.

She said the house currently has too many leakages this rainy season. “The whole house roof is damaged as you can see and I don’t have a cent to fix it, I am a widow with three children who are not even in school” If someone comes and help me with Zinc, I will really be happy,” she said.

Madam Tokpah who has skills in baking and soap making said she will need support to venture into the business but said the issue of finance is a major problem confronting here, thus making her look like a complete bagger.

“If someone also helps me with flowers and caustic, I am willing to start fixing soap and baking bread,” she said.