Talk Show Host Henry Costa resists and Condemns Traditional call


Day after the conglomeration of traditional women leaders, the National Governor Council and Representatives from 117 women organizations with one voice “calling on talk show host Henry Costa to openly apologize to them for abusing their traditional and cultural queen Juli Endee”, the Root FM’s Costa Show Host says he remains unbending to any apology.

The women according to them see this as an affront to the realization of cultural norms and values.

Henry Costa during his July 17, 2019 edition of his show resisted the traditional ladies call and accused them of being bought by Ambassador Juli Endee to support her.

The “unexpected” statement from Costa could lead to a rising tension between him and the traditional women of Liberia, something that has never occurred in the country.

This could be “a suprise”to the women accord also containing female Representatives of the legislature with the current resistance from Henry Costa.

In their one voice on Tuesday during the Liberia Crusaders for Peace Golden Image Awards-2019 Women’s Forum , highlighted the tireless involvement of Ambassador Endee in restoring peace and harmony in the country during the civil unrest.

According to them, they were people who stood their grounds even during the Charles Taylor’s regime and brought forth the peace being enjoyed by “le Costa man”and should no time be disrespected by him.

The traditional laddies recorded that the Liberian cultural and Peace Ambassador has continuously been pushing and promoting peace at local, national and even international levels and they have vowed to keep their support.

They noted that their traditional queen will always enjoy their comfort due to the continual promotion she has brought to the country’s cultural values and norms unlike him.

It comes as a shock to the Liberian cultural and traditional oriented old folks, where mothers of the land will raise a voice against a talk show host who according to them should be impacting young people positively instead of showing them disregards even with a call that has never been made to anyone young person.

But the talk show host in his own thinking said his action against Peace and Cultural Ambassador Juli Endee and the traditional women is irreversible and could continue at his will.


  1. This nation is cursed… Because the ways we behave.. No wonder we are ranked the third poorest nations in the world because the mind set..

    Where are they when our children our children and mother been raped and killed. When prostitutions are on the increased,when value of women in our country have become..

    Have they made any position statement to government ??
    What have they contributed to impact the lives of other unfortunate women, and children
    What program do they have inplace to mentor young girls from every parts of the country..

    You have over 45% of women population of our country ,that are single mother. What are you doing as a body to tackle these challenges that women are face with.

    117 women organizations in the country and no impaction. The actions have not translated in any positive aspect but self greed… Check out other countries women organizations especially African countries like Ghana,Nigeria, South Africa and kanyah you will know the important of women organizations in a country and their engagement to national issues as well as their own sectors..

    That is very sad for us.. But poverty is the deadliest disease to any human race.. It causes a person to lost their sensentivity, they tends to stand for nothing when wrong is been done,their truth identity as a human fades away like a falling leave and struggling plant that needs water to survive..

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