Tappita Hospital Receives 1500 KVA Tranaformer from Gov’t


Liberia’s referral health center in Tappita, Jackson Doe Memorial Hospital received 1,500KVA transformer from President George Weah on Friday, February 19, to boost the facility’s electricity supply.

According to the hospital management, before the donation, the hospital was operating on a 50kva transformer for electricity supply.

Chief Administrator Dr. Abraham Jusu said, the 50KVA transformer was not strong enough to electrify the entire Hospital.

The dedication of the transformer according to him, has taken away a huge burden off the Hospital.

Mr. Judi said, since the West African Power Poll entered Tappita in 2015, all efforts by the hospital management to benefit from the electricity proved futile.

He explained how expensive it was to feed a 750kva generator with 15 gallons of fuel per hours, with a limited budget. Every 21 hours the hospital run, they spent US$ 1,125 which made it impossible for management to focus on other expenditure including drugs, clinic materials, repair, maintenance and other equipment at the hospital.

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He said when instilled, the transformer can electrify the entire Tappita. He acknowledged that good and stable electricity is important for the Hospital because it does not only serve Nimba and other parts of Liberia but also serve people from nearby Ivory Coast.

He said the donation of the new transformers were timely especially during the pandemic period. Before the dedication, Dr. Jusu Said the hospital was using one ambulance which was donated by Dorwon Glekia.

Meanwhile, President Weah noted that it is his government responsibility to ensure Liberia has a good health system.

President  Weah also dedicated the dental and ongoing eye clinic project along with two ambulances to the hospital.