Task Force on course retrieved about hundred Government vehicles and over twenty motorbikes.

Over hundred Government vehicles have so far been retrieved by the Presidential task force across the country.
About seventy of the vehicles are new ones while thirty of them needs minor repairs according to assistant Information Minister Samuel Worzi.
The Minister told newsman that the process is going on peacefully

void of distraction as claimed by others.

Additionally he noted that over twenty motorbikes owned by the government have also been retrieved by the task force and are currently at the Center Agriculture Research Institute (CARI) in Bong County.
He praised former Assistant Superintendent for Development of Maryland County Nathaniel Toe for been the only junior official of Government to willingly turned over his vehicle to the task force.
Mr. Worzi called on other ex- officials of Government to do same in the spirit of patriotism.
The head of the task force was at the same time quick to name former Deputy Agriculture Minister as well as some officials of the General Services Agency(GSA) for filling to turn over Government vehicles including stalling the exercise respectively.
Meanwhile some names of violators to the process have been forwarded to the President for prompt action against them.
The on going exercise continues across the Country as the task force is calling on other partners to help them in the process by providing documents and other assistances to ensure the smooth operation of the exercise.
The focus of the task force was to amongst other things help retrieved government vehicles from past government officials in a move to safe the pro-poor government of spending more money on vehicles for current officials of government.