Teacher Admits To Cheating In “WAEC” -Trial Test


By: Julius Konton:

As the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders in the sector strive to promote quality education including helping to improve the system for the better, there are still some bad apples who are unbinding in their quest to discouraged the effort to improve the system for the better.

Well on Friday February 7, 2020 during a trial test, an elementary teacher admitted to instructing his students to cheat during the Mathematics test at the St. Peter’s High School campus testing center in Barnesville.

Abraham Kendima, a Mathematics and Science teacher, age thirty of the G. Edwin Bryant Academy in the Barnesville Community was caught by some proctors of the West African Examination Council Liberia office after they noticed that a sheet from each of their booklet was removed by the students.

According to teacher Kendima he told his students to remove the sheets from the booklet because he wanted to prove to them what he told them he is teaching is actually what they are seeing in the trial test.

“I am embarrassed by my action and it is my first time”, said the G.Edwin Bryant instructor.

He told reporters that he is completely guilty for his action and begs “WAEC” to forgive him promising not to repeat same but if they refused, he is willing to bear any punish for his action, Abraham, added.

The Liberian teacher encouraged his students to remain focus and study their lesson despite his decision that has brought shame and disgrace to them and his family.

In response the Head of “WAEC” Dale Gbotoe termed the situation as regrettable and embarrassing to the sector.

Mr. Gbotoe said if a teacher at such beginner level can begin to instill corruption educational practices to young students, he wondered what will happen when they reach the secondary and tertiary levels respectively.

“Such a teacher should not be in the classroom at all”, he intoned.

He disclosed that they were Fortunate and due to the professional skills and techniques of “WAEC” proctors, they will able to retrieve all the removed sheets from the booklets, something he commended his staff for to the core.

The “WACE” Boss stressed that the Friday’s trail test incident is the first of its kind in the history of the Council.

However, and in a move to avoid the recurrence of said ugly practice, Mr. Gbotoe calls for the licensing of all teachers in Liberia.

He said if said system is put in place and with the gravity of the crime committed, he (Abraham) license should be revoked by this time and it will serve as a warning to other unscrupulous people in the system.

Additionally, the Liberian Education executive also recommends the establishment of Academic Crimes court in Liberia to ensure that those who violate the laws of the sector are punished.

Mr. Gbotoe said an official complain will be send to the Ministry of Education including his School, the G.Edwin Bryant Academy relative to the unfortunate situation and hope a proper action can be taken to help save the good image of the sector for the better.

Trial test is an internationally accepted educational practice and or standard intended to among other things test and prepare the students for future test.