Liberian Gov’t Suspends New Media Licences.

The government of Liberia announces the suspension of all new operating licenses and authorizations issued to media institutions operators from January 1, to June 18, 2018. The government says it is reviewing the regulatory regime due to technical and administrative anomalies including duplication of frequencies to radio and television operators, and incorrect designation and submissions. The review process which will begin Wednesday June 20, 2018, will not affect any media entity which has been in existence prior to January 2018. Following the review process, new and appropriate frequencies, including operating authorizations will be issued to media operators by the Ministry of Information and the Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA) within the period designated for the review in keeping with the standards required. According to a MICAT release, the government has mandated all sector actors; including the LTA and the Ministry of information Culture Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) to expeditiously initiate the exercise so that it does that unfairly affect media operators that are compliant. The government assures that it values the relationship with the free press and supports freedom of speech. Media pluralism and new media is crucial in the democratization of any nation, thus, initiating reforms the release said. The Liberian government is also calling on all other media institutions and owners not to continue to carry out their activities unhindered and unfettered.