The Need for Gboyah At LFA EC


Security is very paramount worldwide, and placing the focus here in Liberia, it is no doubt that the need to take the issue of security seriously must not be overlooked or down played.

In the area of sports, particularly football, in a country like Liberia where the love for the game has over grown with emotions taking over the fans in their quest to lift their teams for the cardinal issue of victory, security personnel with the vast experience, knowledge and passion in ensuring there is law and order mainly at the stadiums during local and international games must be brought on board to properly organize things as the leather rolls.

And, one person who certainly epitomizes such role is the hardworking, committed and passionate, Victor Gboyah, Co-Chair on Security and Fair Player at the Liberia Football Association (LFA). Regarded as one of Liberia’s best Police officers for his diligence and desire to properly institute order, Mr. Gboyah is certainly best suited to serve as Chairman on Security and Fair Play of the Executive Committee of the Liberia Football Association (LFA).

His alertness, spot on approach, workaholic nature, good attitude and ability to inspire those working alongside him speaks volume.

Indeed, Mr. Gboyah has what it takes to take the issue of security at another level at the LFA

Mr. Samuel Karn, current Chairman on Security and Fair Play at the level of the LFA Executive Committee who has served for eight years in such post noted recently stated at the LFA Extraordinary Congress “As the Co-Chair on Security and Fair play, Victor Gboyah has done an excellent job, and without any doubt, he can replace me and do a lot more as it relates to the security aspect of Liberian football”.

That’s it, from the horse’s mouth. The highly experienced Samuel Karn, the veteran has endorsed Mr. Gboyah as the one capable of replacing him. What more?

Looking back especially during the 2017 African Cup of Nations Qualifiers and the 2019 World Cup Qualifiers, it was Victor Gboyah in the thick of things ensuring security was intact at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium ( ATS) as the senior national team of Liberia, the Lone Star took on the likes of Tunisia, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast and Djibouti.

Hooliganism has no place at the stadium when Victor Gboyah is around as he puts things in place in an admirable manner, and as the LFA goes to elections on April 14, this year, the electorates must do one good thing for Liberian football to cast their ballots for the influential, highly trained, unwavering, hardworking and result oriented, Victor Gboyah to continue where he and his boss, Samuel Karn left off as he will be coming as Chair with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

He will certainly work with his colleagues to make things better. Remember, the issue of security is no child’s play, no guess work, not a try and error method, not an experiment, and Victor Gboyah is the man who has the solution to any problem in this area and must be given the opportunity to serve the LFA and mama Liberia as he knows the terrain so well. Thus, as we say in our parlance, “opposition don’t put foot”. Victor Gboyah all the Way.

Chairman on Security and Fair Play of the LFA. The man who is no stranger to the job, the active, agile and uncompromising security personnel who is the man for such a task. He has been tested, tried and he has delivered. Victor Gboyah is indeed the best choice.