The Power Of Honest Praises And Appreciation


As the saying goes Biblically that pleasant words are like honey cone, very sweet to the soul and a nourishment for self-esteem, this, A Man of God Samuel Nagbe challenged Liberians to cultivate the good spirit of praises and appreciation for the betterment of society.

According to him praises help to bring out the hidden potential of an individual noting that recognizing it is key to transformation of a Country.

Speaking on the theme: How do we get Important with a sub-theme: ”The Power of Appreciation, the Senior Pastor of the Grace Assembly Church encouraged Liberians to build and now develop the attitude of appreciating people.

“Liberians learn to appreciate people”, he sounded in a motivating tune.

He observed that the current generation lacks the attributes of praises and appreciation and demand too much when they filled to even acknowledged the current positives in the Land.

“When is it bad we criticized, when there are no school fees we cried, when salary comes in late or is small, we complain but when it is good, we failed to acknowledged it”, this is bad, he said.

Pastor Nagbe pointed out that the most neglected virtues are praises and appreciation as such he urged all Liberians to graduate from said practice and begin to commend people for what they do in society.

The man of God reference the New Old Road Joe Bar Market which he lauded national government for such initiative but was also quick to mentioned that some passers-by were still complaining, saying” That Market we will eat” when they should be firstly appreciating the Government for said endeavor, “we need to change Liberians”, he noted.

The Grace Assembly Church (GAC ) Founder admonished Liberians to see praises and appreciation as the legal tender for the soul because it brings joy, peace and helps build a given society.

However, he indicated that praises and appreciation must be done in an honest manner and form and not flattering one and to those who deserved it.

He said whenever you praise and appreciate people it helps further motivate an individual and brings out the best out of them, this he said must be foster at every level of society including Schools, Churches, Work places market centers and many more.

He said It is now time for the people of Liberia to bring out the best in their children and national leaders by praising and appreciating them because appreciation will bring about a rewarding difference and transformation in the land.