The Title Hunt: Oilers Host United In Titanic Clash, NPA Battle LISCR As Kwado Hope To Unleash Anger Against Struggling Small Town


The Orange National League title hunt continues this weekend with the big fishers desperate to cast their nets as the fight for the title intensifies between LPRC Oilers, LISCR and Nimba Kwado.

Whilst the big three hunters are keeping their eyes on the prestigious league title, others like NPA Anchors, Nimba United, Monrovia Club Breweries amongst other will also be fighting to maintain their stay in the top-flight ahead of what has been labeled the judgement day of the season right in hand.

There are barely two games left to go, but the outcome of those two remaining matches are what count to the clubs.

Six league games are scheduled to be played at six different match venues in Nimba, Grand Capemount and Montserrado Counties on Sunday, 9 May, 2021.

LPRC Oilers who are desperate to retain the title for a second consecutive time will be hosting Nimba United at the George Weah Technical Center in Careysburg at 4:00 PM.

Oilers suffered their second defeat of the season in the hands of United at North Star Stadium in Mount Barclay during the first phase of the season.

With United fighting for survival, it is no doubt that the clash between the two sides tomorrow will be a fierce encounter.

The defending champions are currently sitting atop the league table with 40 points from 20 games, one ahead of second-placed LISCR FC and 3 above Kwado who are third.

As for Nimba United, they are positioned at the 9th-placed on the table with 25 points. They are 2 points from the relegation territory.

Oilers have won 1 and drawn 1 from their last two match-day fixtures, the same with United. Nimba United defeated Monrovia Club Breweries 1-0 on Match-day 19 and collected a draw against Mighty Barrolle last Sunday.

The two sides will be definitely needing a win from the matchup at the Technical Center on Sunday. The 90 minutes will be nothing other than a blockbuster.

In another fascinating match-day encounter, second-placed LISCR FC will take on relegation threatened NPA Anchors at the TUSA Field in Gardnersville.

The match will kick-off at 4:00 PM local time.
The Shipping Boys nailed NPA 2-1 in their first meeting of the season.

NPA have won one and drawn one of their last two games preceding the expected showdown on Sunday.

The Anchors smashed Nimba FC 3-0 away at the Gompa Sports Stadium back on Match-day 19, unfortunately, they slipped off last weekend as they were defeated 2-1 by Capemount giants, Bea Mountain.

Meanwhile, the Power Malts of LISCR have been enjoying a fantastic winning spree from their past two match-day fixtures by beating Bea Mountain 2-1 in Kinjor and recorded moment changing 3-1 win over Nimba Kwado in Gardnersville last weekend.

NPA will need a compulsory win from tomorrow’s fixture as they fight to stay in the league. In the like manner, LISCR would be needing a direct win in order to guarantee their hope of snatching the title from the Oil boys who currently sit at control.

The Mountaineers of Nimba Kwado will host the league’s underdog, Small Town FC, as they hope to unleash their angers against the Logan Town club.

Though Kwado collected a 2-0 win over Small Town in their first meeting of the season, but tomorrow’s encounter will appear to be something different cause the Nimbaians have never recorded a win against the Logan Town boys at the Nimba County Stadium in Sanniquellie.

Kwado have been in an inconsistent form lately, something which has seen them win one and lost one out of two fixtures.

The lost away to LISCR FC last Sunday brought a huge setback on Kwado’s title hunt as they now sit Third-placed with a tally of 37 points, 2 behind LISCR.

Kwado’s only option for this clash is to find a win against visitors Small Town and hope LISCR or Oilers lose; by that, they can remained enlisted as the possible title winners this season. Anything other than that, will see Kwado hope broken.

As for Small Town, they have no worries as they have already been relegated.

In Kinjor, Grand Capemount County, the Gold Boys of Bea Mountain will square up against Monrovia Club Breweries in a bitter clash.

Host Bea Mountain are Keen of a revenge having lost to Club Breweries 2-0 earlier this campaign.

The Cape Mountaineers are 4th on the table and have 35 points from 20 league games so far.

The Club Beer boys are sitting at the 8th spot with 26 points, 3 from the dangerous zone.

Bea Mountain lost their last home game 2-1 to LISCR, they are certainly going to be under fans pressure to make a comeback, but they have huge task in achieving this at the expense of Club Breweries.

Both sides are desperate to maintain their winning streak after coming up with flying colors back on last Sunday.

Bea Mountain whipped NPA Anchors 2-1 this gone weekend whilst Club Breweries won Nimba FC 2-1 as well in their respective fixture.

Freeport will meet Watanga at the ATS in central town at 4 pm tomorrow.

The Seasiders after winning Small Town 3-1 back on Sunday, it is obvious that they will be on a mission to continue that fine form, but they have Watanga in the pool to contempt with.

Watanga FC on the other end are considering securing all 3 points tomorrow.

The Porters recorded a 2-0 win over Watanga when they first met this season.

Freeport are midway on the log with 27 points as Watanga sit a step above (Fifth-placed) and have 32 points in their cash box.

Mighty Barrolle will be hosted by Nimba FC at the Gompa Sports Stadium in Ganta.

The Keyan Pepper Boys were held to a one-all draw by the Nimba boys in their first phase meeting.

Nimba FC who have already been demoted owing to their poor form of the campaign have won just one game this season and have 8 points sitting second to last on the table.

The Rollers are Seventh-placed on the table and have 27 points from 20 games this season.