To Ease Transportation Difficulty, 45- Brand New Buses Arrived in Liberia


In a move to help address the old age transportation challenge facing the nation and its people, The Executive Mansion has disclosed the arrival of forty-five brand new buses into Liberia.

The Buses according to Deputy Press Secretary Smith Toby are all brand new and specially made for Liberian roads unlike previous ones.

He explained that there were few delays for the arrival of the buses to Liberia because they wanted to ensure that the buses are of quality standard and can with-stand the road conditions in Liberia in order to avoid the ugly experiences of the past.

“The Buses are here all-brand new and of first class quality”, Smith bragged.

The 2018 negotiation with India which is now a reality was as a result of President Weah’s engagements and negotiation with his counterpart.

He praised the Indian government for their continuous support to Liberia.

According to Smith the Liberian leader will remain engaged with friendly nations and development partners to ensure they help transform Liberia.

”Some will be slow to come but it will eventually happen,it is just a matter of time and little bit of patients, things are gradually becoming better as there are positive lights for 2020″, Smith assured Liberians.

Currently there are plans in the making as well for the Indian Government to transformed the Bailey Island into a Modern City, a project he described as one of the heart beat projects of President George Weah.

Under the auspices of India, Liberia now has a modern steel factory that is manufacturing quality steel in the Country and is as well creating more jobs for the people of Liberia.

The arrival of the buses upon full display and operations in the Country will help ease some of the transport difficulties which the people go through especially during the festive season.

In a related development the government has reassured civil servants of salary payment for the festive season.

According to Smith Toby payment planning process is already ongoing as government employees will received salaries for both October and November respectively while their December will run into January of 2020.

He acknowledged that they have been some challenges government has been experiencing in  struggling to pay their employees due to several economic issues.

“The economy is bad, income generation slow as well as tax payment from others, this he noted are attributing factors to the current economic situation the Country is experiencing but was quick to add that things will get better soon”he indicated.