To Ensure Inclusiveness In The Sector, LiNCSA Embarks On A Comprehensive Gender mainstreaming Strategy


The Liberia National Commission on Small Arms is reviewing its current policy to ensure gender Mainstreaming is implemented to the core.

Speaking to reporters Monday the Chairman of the commission Maxwell Grigsby said inclusive participation of gender issue is at the top of his administration.

He said as a commission, they are now developing a comprehensive gender mainstreaming strategy to help address some of the issues in the sector.

Mr. Grigsby paid homage to his predecessor Marvin Sarkor who he added started the process of which his administration is continuing from where he stops to ensure the policy is implemented to the core.

Atty. Grigsby pointed out that women inclusion and participation in arms control in the security sector is cardinal to the growth process of the sector.

He noted that the commission is also working on modalities to ensure the proliferation of arms is discouraged across Liberia.

The LiNCSA boss indicated further that as part of their comprehensive strategy, the commission is working on getting a proper statistic to identify the ratio of males and females in the security sector who are carrying arms.

Atty. Grigsby pointed out that the move is key because it will help the commission in fully monitoring as well as controlling arms across Liberia.

Mr. Grigsby said the commission is committed to a holistic process where carriers of arms nationwide mainly those in the security sector properly account for the arms they are using.

“Such process will help in the combat of arms proliferation”,

he noted.

The LiNCSA head said the proliferation of arms is not only seen or observed among the ordinary citizens but also in the security sector something he stressed that the commission is working to address in an orderly and legal manner and form.

“Even if your arms are marked but are more than the ones identified, it is also equivalent to arms proliferation”, Atty. Grigsby uttered.

He commended some development partners namely: UNDP UN-Women and others for their support to the Commission but was quick to add that there are anticipating more for the speedy conduct of their programs and activities.

Speaking to reporters Monday at his Monrovia office, Mr. Grigsby said once the validation is completed they will be under obligation to implement the policy for the betterment of the sector.

In a happy mood the gender officer at LiNCSA Blessing Borbor stressed the importance of gender mainstreaming into the control of arms nationwide.

She lauded the efforts of her bosses for paying keen attention to said strategy.

According to her women are capable as their male counterpart to help in properly making the necessary impact in the sector and should be given the opportunity and chance to explore.