To Lease Land to a Lebanese- LMA Breaks Down Market Stalls


By: King Brown (Correspondent)

Several market stalls have been broken down at the Buchanan Red Light Market vicinity,  by the Liberia Marketing Association.

The marketers are alleging that their makeshift markets tables were damaged without sufficient notice only because the LMA intends to lease the land they are occupying to a foreigner believe to be a Lebanese national.

Very furious over the decision by the LMA, Ms. Catherine Tweah, who sells used clothes and other accessories said, it was a complete setback for her.

“Sunday, we saw the people breaking down our kitchens tables and they spoil our zinc and plank but we will not tolerate it.”

Some of the marketers mentioned that being out of business is risk for them because they acquired business loan and will need to pay back.

a view of the market before it was destroyed

The aggrieved marketers also said most of them will be unable to send their kids to school and provide food for their family; adding that leaving from the market site and getting them out of business would affect them greatly.

As for Ebenezer Foley, who sells electronic materials said, the decision of the LMA to tear down their market stalls is intended to frustrate their efforts as they greatly depend on proceeds from their business to sustain their family.

“The market we’re selling is what supporting our homes and paying our children school fees. So if the government is giving the place to a Lebanese man to sell than what become of us as citizens? We are citizens and we have rights; this is our government and this is our country.” Mr. Foley said.

Speaking to our reporter on Sunday, Levi’s Kangar, Aaron Zenneh, Alfred Ndorleh and among others alleged that the LMA leadership gave them two days ultimatum which was last Friday July 19-20, 2020 to leave the Market site.

According to them, leaving from the market vicinity their have transacted at over 12-years will increases their changes of losing their customers, increase hardship and putting them out of business.

“I am kindly asking the government to come to our aid, because we don’t have nothing doing for now, if they take us from here (Buchanan Red Light Market) we do not have anywhere to go, maybe some of us will go on the street to become zogoes.” Aaron Zenneh mentioned.

The marketers are recommended to the George Weah’s Government to urgently build the market and said there are willing to purchase or rent the area from Government rather than giving the place to foreign national to do business there.

Sounding very convincing as he championed his quest Mr.  Levi’s Kangar, said “If the government wants us to pay rent for this place, we are willing to cooperate because we are citizens of this country and have rights to own land.”

However, when contacted, the General Inspector of the Marketing Association Mr. Alfred Zondoe reserved all comments and promised to speak with the media at what he calls “the appropriate time.”

According to Mr. Zondoe what is going on between the Liberia Marketing Association and the marketers it strictly administrative and that he could not make further disclosure to the media.

However, the marketers are therefore calling on the County Administration, civil society organizations, humanitarian institutions, pressure groups and others to come to their rescue.