To Lower Regional Roaming Tariff; Liberia Signs Ascension ACT As Ninth Member Of ECOWAS


The Liberia Telecommunications Authority is said to be working out modalities with its neighboring counterparts in a move to help address some of the concerns of consumers relative to high tariffs among others.

Well as testimony of that LTA’s Chairman Ivan Brown recently returned from Guinea after signing Liberia’s Roaming Ascension Act joining eight other regional nations committing to a free roaming collective regulation that will pave the way for lower tariff for consumer visiting ECOWAS Nations.

The signing ceremony among other things means that the ability to make and receive local and international calls at more affordable rate across ECOWAS Countries will take central stage among ECOWAS member States in coming months ahead.

According to Mr. Brown, over the next few months local GSM operators will enter into regional required agreements with MNO’s in member states, describing the result as a very positive move for regional consumers and a boost for the regional telecommunications landscape.

He said once the people in the Sub Region can talk easily and affordably with one another across borders, they can trade and connect more and can subsequently help lift all Countries of ECOWAS into the path of sustainable growth and development to make free movement a reality across West Africa.

The LTA Boss pointed out that the Signing of the Act of Ascension makes Liberia the ninth member to now take the next step to bring down the Telecommunications barrier which kept the people apart and to now see the need to take the people next thereby bringing Africans closer together.

It now appears like high tariffs, quality delivery and many other challenges consumers faced with in the past especially in the sector will soon be of history as the technicians and other persons of interest are said to be gradually looking at ways and means in addressing the issue in the supreme interest of the citizens generally.