To Save Workers’ Jobs: “AAIWUL” Calls for Tripartite Engagement


As the COVID-19 Crisis hugely affects massive redundancy across the globe so is Liberia’s work force gradually feeling the pinch.

Nationally, according to the President General of the Agriculture Agro- Processing and Industrial Workers Union of Liberia (AAIWUL) Abraham Nimene, over 34% of the labor force are now being affected something he noted is troubling for an already struggling economy like Liberia.

According to the International Labor Organization, some 1.6 million people, nearly half the global workforce could see their livelihoods destroyed due to the continued decline in working hours caused by lockdowns across the globe in a move to curb the further spread of the COVID-19 crisis.

Moreover, more than 430 million enterprises in hard hit sectors namely: retail and manufacturing risk serious disruption, the UN agency added.

According to the Director General of the ILO Guy Ryder as the pandemic and the jobs crisis evolve, the need to protect the world’s most vulnerable becomes even more urgent.

However, the current labor crisis which is the same in Liberia now draws the attention of leadership of the local work force advocacy body in Liberia (AAIWUL)

“We are seriously concern about the current labor saga as such we called on the Government of Liberia and the Multinational Corporation to reach an agreement that will prevent the massive redundancy taking place around Liberia”, Mr. Nimene added.

AAIWUL through its leadership in the wake of the COVD-19 crisis in such regard  urged relevant Government functionaries to embark in a tripartite engagement to help save workers their jobs.

“We think redundancy while its legal but at this time of our country fighting this critical virus sounds regrettable and want effected workers to observe the process through a peaceful manner” AAIWUL’s boss encouraged his people.

However, he threatens legal redress should anything goes wrong with his members doing such process.

At the same time Mr. Nimemen in an exclusive interview with our reporter warned his members to go ahead with their normal daily tasks at their respective workplaces as discussion with national actors continue for the full resumption of economics activities across the country.

Meanwhile and following pleads with the Government and the Firestone Management, the both parties have seen the need for the resumption of activities which commenced Today, May 18, 2020 but with some restriction as a result of the crisis.


Notwithstanding, where major industrial countries are yet to open their respective countries to the market due to the pandemic something that is greatly affecting the workforce and generally the people of Liberia.