Tonia Tisdell Apologizes To LFA/ Government, Regrets His Action


Liberian international star Tonia Tisdell has openly apologized to the Liberia Football Association, the Government of Liberia including family members and fans of the beautiful game, Football in Liberia and the globe at large.

Tonia’s apologist followed his recent expulsion from the senior national team of Liberia, the Lone Star for his unruly behavior exhibited during the Wednesday 3-1 victory over Sierra Leon in Liberia.

Tonia said he regret his action which he described as unprofessional and disheartening.

“I was wrong for my action and I am very sorrow”, Tonia added.

According to him several young people looked to him for guidance and to be a role module in society as his action was a complete opposite to what happened, he admitted.

Speaking to Journalists, the talented and skillful Liberian winger who plays in Cyprus also apologized to his team mates and fans for his ugly behavior, “I am deeply sorry to all”, he noted.

He at the same time attributed his action to some family issues which he pointed out psychological impacted his choice of words and harsh behavior.

Tonia was the creator of the assist that led to Liberia’s second penalty against the visitors on home soil when he beat pass his opponent and drive through a killer pass inside the eighteen-yard box of Sierra Leone before Captain Sam Johnson was brought down inside the penalty box of the away team.

He was later seen running to the bench but from distance our reporter could not intemperate   what he said to the technical staff including other colleagues on the bench but body language show that he may have missed behave though that was not reported nor confirmed as the reason for his expulsion.

His apology to some fans has so far been welcoming as they noted it was timely.

The disciplinary decision by the LFA is the second of its kind in recent years.

It can be recalled that Anthony Lanford, Dioh Williams, Francis Grand Pa Doe and Dulee Johnson were also expelled from the national team but based on appeal from Liberians they were recall something some fans of the game are hoping could be accorded Mr. Tisdell especially with his timely apology.

Tonia has been one of the young, brilliant, impressive and influential players of the national team and got to major prominence on the senior national team after he scored the famous goal at the Samuel Kanyan Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville against Nigerian experienced goalkeeper Victor Eyinema as the fans just could not stop cheering the brilliance and creative power work of Tonia.

Many are hoping that he can be forgiven but with a serious caution which may serve as a warning to other young players on the team.

Currently the ball is in the coat of the new and experienced head coach James Butler and his technical staff who will have to make the final decision for Tisdell to return or be out of the senior national team for good.