Too Much Lies Told In Liberia, Bishop Kortu Brown Discloses,Says Is Time To Pray For Liberia


The President Of the Liberia Council Of Churches Dr. Bishop Kortu Brown has disclosed that too much lies and unhealthy things are unacceptably happening in Liberia unlike in the past.
He named: Lack of respect for national leaders, Power Greed,Corruption, lack of patriotism, Nationalism and fear for God amongst other.
According to him it is time for Liberians to seek the face of God,it is time to heal,it is time for national reconciliation to take place across this nation.
He warned national leaders to put aside power greed,fighting and other unwholesome practices intended to take the Country backward.
Bishop Brown making remarks at the 171st Thanksgiving and Intercessory ceremony on Sunday July 22,2018 reminded the people of this nation to see prayers as key for the growth and development of Africa’s oldest Republic adding that they should never go far away from God.
Despite the struggles and civil crisis Liberians have always seen and reference God as their savior and survival as such he noted that it is important for the people of this Country to continue in such direction,”give him His gratitude,invoke his presence”,he indicated.
No nation the LCC president said can heal without having the desire to do so,naming mercy,compassion and forgiveness as Paramount.
In a very strong tune,Dr. Brown stated that “A Lot necessary to intercede for in Liberia.
In a move to consolidate Liberia’s democracy despite the challenges it is key for national leaders and the people in general to repent.
Practical actions and implementations of several messages from clergyman across Liberia is what is needed to change the paradigm shift of Liberia, he added.