Township Commissioner Optimistic on Passage of Local Government Act


Schieffelin Township Commissioner Anthony D. Browne, is commending President George Weah and the National Legislature for passaging into law the 2018 local government ACT.

Speaking over the weekend, Commissioner Browne said, chapter #1 of the ACT, Promotes Socioeconomic Development, gives power to the local County officials to take care of some developmental needs such as Health, Education, Roads, and Agriculture amongst others is commendable .

According to him, that component if fully used by every Liberian especially those in Authority at the local levels, will increase the Country’s infrastructure development without hindrances.

Speaking on the program the County’s Forum, Commissioner Browne asserted that chapter #1& #2 of the ACT which also empowered the local County Administration to design project, raise revenue, manage their implementation are some of the important components being used by his office to teach local community dwellers, and at the same time to reach out to philanthropist and partners for support.

Commissioner Browne further indicated  that President Weah’s vision for Liberia’s Development is clear through the local government act but required those in various offices at the National and local levels to ensure full  implementation.

He however, described the Liberian President as one of the patriots noting that his efforts to ensuring the establishment and passage of the act make him, “the most truthful and developmental leader of the people.”

In his concluding statement, Browne also praised the local County Administration head by Superintendent Jerry Varnie as being cordial.

He maintained that the leadership of the Margibi Superintendent is already on the path with the County’ Developmental Agenda but the full implementation of the new law will only add additional taste to his quest He also acknowledged that chapters 1,2,3, and 4 are among important instruments if implemented by all, will release burdens on the central Administration over the disbursement of finances and the implementation of infrastructure development.

Meanwhile, the Margibi County Township Commissioner is at the same time admonishing local appointed officials especially Clans and Paramount chiefs, District and Townships Commissioners to make maximum use of the 2018 local government ACT.

According to Browne, reading the various chapters within the Law will help increase their understanding about the functions of the assigned duty one occupied and as such, he wants them to take a key interest in reading the law.


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