Tragedy Motor Accident on Gbarnga- Ganta Highway


By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan

At least seven persons have been reported dead following an accident along the Gbarnga-Ganta highway.

Health workers is yet to confirmed to KMTV the death of the seven persons but Eyewitnesses said, some of the victims whose lifeless bodies were removed from the vechicles,, heads and necks were broken.

The eyewitnesses told our Bong County Correspondent that immediately after the accident, a local health worker arrived on the scene to help some of those who sustained injury but he announced the death of seven of the many people who were onboard.

“One of the texi was coming from Gbarnga while the other was heading from Ganta when they burst into each other” Prince Jayjay one of the Eyewitnesses told Journalist.

He said one of the Passengers who was involved complained of the driver constant telephone communication which they all were against on the car.

The Traffic Division of the Liberia National Police Bong Detachment has just left from Gbarnga to establish the cause of the accident.

Detail to continue …


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