Transparent FeJAL Remains Unbending, Says Lisa Diasay


In a statement a day following the official announcement of results in the just ended Females Journalists Association of Liberia elections, the defeated presidential candidate  has congratulated her rival Siatta Scott Johnson.

Lisa described her supporters as “brave and strong comrades” who were at the frontline campaigning  for her to assume the leadership of FeJAL.

“Let me thank all of our devoted and dedicated supporters from across the country for placing their trust in us.”

Lisa & FeJAL's members
Lisa & FeJAL’s members

Accordong to her, it was a race resiliently fought through the collective spirit and team work of her supporters have proved to the world that FeJAL can do better when new ideas and innovations are put to test.

She said history will remembered  all her supporters who believed in her for the personal, collective, moral and open commitment demonstrated in the best interest of our sacred organization.

“Yes, the elections have come and gone; but one thing remains clear. It exposed a number of critical issues that confront us as an organization. To our supporters, you are the real faces of the voices majority in FeJAL.” She noted .

Lisa said she will not lower the guard on issue in FeJAL, “Our voices will remain strong to articulate the genuine concerns of female journalist throughout Liberia.”

She then congratulated Siatta Scott- Johnson and team for putting out a great fight  because they were challenged during campaigning process, something she said is good for the internal democracy of FeJAL.

The defeated FeJAL presidential candidate said now is the time to work harder than ever before; to strive for a better FeJAL that will reflect the overall collective will of our membership.

“Despite the results, indeed the challenge reminisced a ‘rude awakening for a sleeping leadership. We will continue to aggressively pursue of advocacy based on issues – for until female journalists who play a critical role in mirroring society have equal voice and participation; our democracy is doomed.” She noted in a statement.

Ms Diasay says her vision is to see an accountable and transparent FeJAL remain unbending as it will require a more responsible leadership with stronger collaborative spirit to achieve the needed results.

As in the words of the Tibetan Spiritual Leader, the Dalai Lama – “To conquer oneself is a greater victory than to conquer thousands in a battle.”

She concluded by commending all her supporters for campaigningfor her over the weeks.”To all My MVPs you’ve made a statement that history has recorded strongly.”