Twenty Women completed eight months improved artisanal freshwater Fish farming project in Queyondee and Cheesemanburg Township, promised to sustain the project.


Food in- security is a huge challenge for the Country especially with hardship, poverty and Increase of Liberia’s population.
Currently Liberia’s staple food rice and many other consumable products have been hugely been imported in the Country despite having a rich soil and virgin low lands across the country.
Self sustainability is still a big problem that needs to be tackle despite some efforts from donor partners.
Well in a move to partly close the gap the international groups CAFOD and Caritas in May of 2017 launched a project under the umbrella:Improved Artisanal Freshwater Fish Farming Project in Queyondee Cheesemanburg Township, Rural Montserrado.

The project targets about twenty female households and young mothers in Cheesemanburg Township Rural Montserrado County.
During the project participants were taught on how to become independent and self sufficient in food production among many others.
As a result of the exercise the determined women stood firmed and build five fish ponds in their township with the focus of helping themselves at the climax of the project.

The beneficiaries many of whom are single parents and widows respectively saw the project as a savior to them and make maximum use of it.
Speaking at the closing program happy and active graduates Kona Binda and Hawa Cassell both praised CAFOD and Caritas for such historic initiative.
“As a result of the project we can now help our homes, feed our children and improve our living conditions, unlike in the past”, they added.
Explaining further the women assured the donors that they will help sustain the project especially with the knowledge and skills that they have acquired over the period of the project.

They appeal to the two donors to help them with additional skills on how to seasoned the fish as well as providing of dryer for the fish to ensure that they stole it properly.
Also speaking at the program was Lorenzo S. Nimbly Director of CDOM and Kayode Akintola Country Representative of CAFOD Liberia and Sierraleone both lauded the effort and willingness of the people towards the project.
They challenged the participants to see the sustainability of the project as theirs in the interest of the community.

Both Lorenzo and Kayode admitted that they were impressed with the level of work done at the beginning and close of the project by the women and expect them to continue in such spirit moving forward.
In an effort to further motivate them the two groups committed themselves to providing the dryer for them and to as well provide further training on how to season the fish.

According to the focal person of the project Darlington F. Doe the project aims to improved households income and food security through increased domestic freshwater fish production and productivity as well as ensuring gender equality through economic empowerment of female headed households and young mothers through income generation.
At the close of the program participants walked away with certificates and at the same time harvested their fish from one of the five ponds which they built.