Two EPS Agents Disrobed Following Saturday’s Stabbing Incident in Kakata, Margibi County


The Executive Protection Service has disrobed with immediate effect two of its agents who were involved in a fracas that led to the death of one person in Kakata, Margibi County. Agents Gabriel S. Kamara and Carlay A. David have been turned over to the local police for investigation.

A commotion is reported to have ensued whensthe suspects in pursuit of a man who reportedly had gotten away with a phone during a ceremony were attacked by an angry mob. The ensuing altercation resulted into the death and burning of a vehicle belonging to one of the EPS agents.

The police have made some arrests, while investigating the circumstances leading to the violence. The authorities in the county are authorized to leave no stone unturned in their push towards bringing to book all those involved in Saturday’s violence.

The EPS reiterates its commitment to the rule of law in the fulfillment of its responsibilities. But while it will not shield any of its personnel who are involved in acts of transgression as has been demonstrated in the past, it urges the general public to refrain from taking the law in their own hands.

(Without input from MICAT)