Two Houses Burned in Land Dispute between Grand Kru, Maryland Counties


By Bryan Dioh

A long-lasting land conflict between residents of Wolowien in Maryland County and Behwan in Grandkru County is said to be intensifying as over 24 persons are said to be seeking refuge at homes of family members in Wolowine after their homes were allegedly burned down by residents of Behwan.

The victims of the fire incident explained that during the morning hours of Friday after leaving their homes as a result of fear, they were informed by residents who normally visit their villages that their homes had been burned to ashes.

“Look at us here today since this morning we haven’t eaten and this is just sad for us my son.

“As for me, I have up to 17 people who depend on me and since my house got burned we are all just here and nothing we can do about it, so we are just appealing to people to come to our aid,” victim Emmanuel Wesley said.

He described the act of burning his home as frustrating and a loss to his family.

Another Victim Sunday Gbologba said about US$1,400 that he earlier worked for as a contractor of the Maryland Oil Palm Plantation was taken away prior to the burning of his home.

For his part Karluway Statutory District Superintendent Solomon Johnny said he is disappointed over the way residents of Behwan in Grandkru County are handling the current land dispute. Mr. Johnny said there is an urgent need for investigation as the conflict has taken almost two decades. Several interventions are said to have been made, but the situation is yet to be resolved.

“We have tried and made several interventions over this land dispute, but no way, and with this latest incident, we need to urgently look at it,” Supt. Johnny said.

He wants the switch intervention of the Liberia Land Authority to help settle the dispute.