Two Liberians Bond Out Of Jail in Minneapolis

Junior Smith speaking to CNN

By: Eric Gerlay (Intern)

Two young Liberians and an Asian national have been released from jail and are awaiting trial after their alleged involvement in a protest against the Killing of George Floyd and an altercation with some White Supremacists (KKK).

Junior Smith, Augustine Livingston and Peter Chen (Asian), were arrested and charged for carrying Firearms in their vehicle.

However, KMTV gathered that one of the accused, Junior Smith is certified to carry arms in the USA.

Speaking with KMTV , Pastor Alexander Collins, who gathered support for the release said, the three young men were on their way back home after Junior Smith brief interview with CNN calling protesters to desist from vandalizing properties.

Pastor Alexander Collins

“Junior Smith spoke on CNN asking those protesting not to vandalize, not to set up fire, asking them to do it peacefully. After that they were going home. There were some white supremacists (KKK) that were driving behind them. And so they ran to the police for rescue.

They were arrested and put to jail. But we got them released yesterday on bond. They will be going to court. We are hopeful that the charges will be dropped. But because there is a pending case, I can’t speak to that.”, pastor Collins said.

Pastor Collins also disclosed that the three young men are discipline from his interactions with them, noting that he’s doing everything possible to get them free. “

Let me just say to the communities that these kids are good kids. From my own background, these boys are good boys. I’ve never gotten involved with anything without doing my homework.”, said Pastor Collins.

Pastor Collins further thanked many Liberian communities, and well-meaning Individuals who are making their contributions in the process.

At the same time, he encouraged all Liberians to participate in a peaceful protest rather than burning down properties which could cause more harms, especially in the black Communities.

“I want to say to all of us that yes, we can protest, we can be part of a peaceful protest, we seek Justice for George Floyd; but in our pursue, we can’t be perpetrators of injustice. I encourage all Liberians and other nationals who had gone to protest to do it peacefully.”, he said.