Two Fisherman Missing in Robertsport


Two crew members on a fishing canoe are missing after a heavy storm and dark cloud incident on the Atlantic Ocean about 45 Kilometers away from Robertsport.

The owner of the canon identified as Opa Tweah said, the incident occurred on Wednesday, April 14, 2021, when he and his colleagues were on a fishing expedition.

According to him, why chasing a certain species of snapper fishes in deep Ocean at 3am they encountered dark cloud and heavy rain, and while removing the water from into their fishing canoe the two missing individuals jumped into the ocean on a floater due to the situation.

Tweah narrated how the heavy storm and wind speed up with the canoe he was holding  but did not let go of it  until he was luckily save  by some other fisherman.

” When the rain begun to fall, I told my friends that we should remove the anchor instead of leaving it into the water at that point, the canoe capsized.

For his part, the Chairman of the Collaborative Management Association, Charles W. Simpson said, with the information gathered on the missing individualsh they sent a rescue  team but was unable to see  the fishermen.

The CMA boss said, he’s hopping that they will be alive.

” The unfortunate situation was that there was no safe boat around the site of the incident but the survivor was safe by another canoe, he lamented”.

Meanwhile, Simpson said, they made another call to Monrovia to gather whether they have seen unknown individuals on any beach but to no avail.

He at the same time, call on NaFAA to facility the fishing activities in Grand cape Mount County, by providing lifeguard jackets and boats. He strongly advised fishermen to observe the weather before getting on the ocean.