Uchenna Emelonye heads UN human rights office in Monrovia,Says more needs to be done in promoting and protecting human rights issues in Liberia.


The Country Representative of the United Nations Office of the high Commissioner for human rights in Liberia Uchenna Emelonye has termed as a major milestone, the opening of the UN human rights office in Liberia.
The milestone reinforces the human rights commitment of the United Nations Country Team in Liberia under the leadership of the resident coordinator Yacoub El Hillo.
The opening of the human rights office in Monrovia coincides with the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human rights including the 25th anniversary of the Vienna Declaration and programme of action for human rights both of which paved the way for significant human rights advances globally.
Addressing journalists at his inaugural press briefing Mr.Emelonye said although the work of the United Nations Mission in Liberia come to an end,the work of human rights continues especially with the opening of its new human rights office in Liberia.
Since 2003 the human rights protection services of UNMIL then engaged in the promotion and protection of human rights in Liberia,while there are landmark successes collectively achieved by both by UNMIL and the Government, Uchenna noted and observed that more still needs to be done in promoting and protecting human rights issues across the Country.
As part of its new plans the “OHCHR” for short Country office in Liberia will advise and assist national government on strategies, programmes and measures to be implemented which will be aim at promoting and protecting human rights in Liberia.
The “OHCHR” boss told reporters that his office will also provide advisory services and technical assistance in the implementation of international human rights instruments ratified by Liberia.
Additionally he indicated that they will work with the government by encouraging her to ratify new international instruments including adopting appropriate legislation and introduce human rights training and education in Schools as well as Colleagues.
In an effort to promote transparency, objectivity, independence and impartially, Mr. Uchenna added that they shall act as a center for advice and dialogue and promote a climate of trust among all actors involved in or concerned with human rights.
It shall at the same time maintain appropriate contacts with competent authorities, national instruments, civil society organization and many others involved.
He praised the government for willingly allowing and warmly welcoming “OHCHR” Country office in Liberia.
Such strong political will he uttered is commending and shows a good sign for an enabling environment thus far for the promotion and protection of human rights in Liberia.
Particularly so he noted and lauded the new government for its strides in peace building plan and for identifying human rights as a priority area of intervention.
The Pro poor led government has also manifested ownership to promote, protect and fulfill human rights as being expressed in the ongoing efforts to mainstream human rights in its agenda for prosperity and development.
The opening of the new human rights office in Liberia is pursuant of an agreement with the government of Liberia, the United Nations office of the high commissioner for human rights.
The “OHCHR” is poised to continue sustained engagement in Liberia with all arms of government for a period of six years split into two phases.
Phrase one which will last for three years will focus amongst other things on the strengthening of national institutions and human rights protection mechanisms.