UMU Halts Students’ Political Activities, Suspends Four Lead Protesters


The United Methodist University has with immediate effect suspended all students’ political activities on all of its campuses.

The decision by the school according to its president is predicated upon “serval interactions” between the students and the administration of the university since the students election on May 31, 2019.

According to Dr. Albert B. Coleman, UMU engagement with students whether political or not will be done through the university appointed students’ leadership.

“We are calling on all students’ entities, the Liberia National Students Union to collaborate with those students that are duly recommended by the university” he addd.

Dr. Coleman in a June 28 Press Conference told journalists that their action is triggered by among other things, insulting and violating behaviour of the students who on June 12, 2019 presented to the administration a petition, giving them 24 ultimatum.

The United Methodist University in Liberia Head at the same time noted the suspension of four students.

Isaac Muapoh is expected to face one year suspension while Abraham B. Silla, Siafa Kamara and Amara Kanneh go through a suspension punishment of one semester.

The University through its president however denounced a $850 USD graduation fees as claimed by the aggrieved students.

UMU President ,Dr. Albert B. Coleman added that the students under the banner “Concern of Students Methodist University” June 12, 2019 action had inner motive to disrupt classes and impede the established repetition of the institution.