UMU students demand $ 850:00 USD reduction for graduation fees.


The United Methodist University in Monrovia was a scene of interest where hundreds of aggrieved students staged a protest demanding the school’s administration to reconsider its decision on graduation fess.

The students among other things said UMU has increased the graduation fees from 300 to 850 USD, something they believe is astronomical.

They at the same time accused the administration of influencing their election result to carry out deeds that are not in the interest of the student community.

according to them the school is being run on a “Church bases” which means that students are consider for decision-makings only when they are part of the Methodist Church.

this, the aggrieved UMU students noted is worrisome and could drive education seekers to taking on directions of no interest.

“It’s unfortunate for a higher education institution like United Methodist University (UMU) in a country of devastating economy to ask students to pay such amount”, they added.

Meanwhile, Authorities at the institution have remain mute to responding to the allegation which could be believed that concerns raised by the students body are true and that noting is being done to address the situation.