“Under-paining Intend of June 7 protest”


A pro-democracy group “Citizens United to Sustain Peace and Democracy” (CUPD) has termed the most publicized June 7 Protest as “a total Mirage”.

The group speaking to the media Tuesday said the protest yielded no positive benefit for the country but was under the canopy of “destroying” the hard earned peace and growing democracy.

According to the them, the assembly was a political game masterminded by “non-nationalistic elements” to gain public trust with a purpose of undermining the government of Liberia.

“It was intended to stall the building state architecture  that facilitates social, political and economic advancement of Liberia”,They told journalist Tuesday.

In their statement, CUPD noted the assembly was intended to attract undue and fragile international public opinion to help provide a face for political clinging.

“Today, it has become glaring with open public debate that the essence of June 7 as provided for under Article 17 of the constitution was to present petition for redress of grievances which was never done” they furthered.

With these, reading the statement, CUPD’s Chair , Atty. Patrice Weah said, has let to their justified fears that there was an under-paining intend of the Council of Patriot.

“What a mare showy” Atty. Weah stated.

The Liberian Attorney in their statement captioned the use of opposition All Liberian Party (ALP) to read their petition and gave government one month ultimatum for redress beclouded and compromised the independence and integrity of COP.

Atty. Patrice Weah further stated that COP’s recent action impeded national duties and cost lost of revenues.