Unfair, Sad and Troubling, LFA EC Member Describes Sierra Leoneans Treatment on Liberian Fans, Wants FIFA’s intervention


Unfair, Sad and Troubling, LFA EC Member Describes Sierra Leoneans Treatment on Liberian Fans, Wants FIFA’s intervention

Disappointing and heart breaking fans of the Leone star of Sierra Leone unfortunately vend their angers on jubilant fans of Liberia after the Lone Star qualified on a 3-2 aggregate against their neighbors on Sunday.

The celebrations of Liberians later turned sour when the angry fans of the home star throw stones and other harmful objects on Liberians who were happily dancing and singing inside the stadium though they lost the match one zero but qualified on a one goal home advantage.

The unfriendly and roofless fans of Sierra Leone later extended their anger outside of the stadium chasing Liberians with missiles, blocking their movement and at some point flattered their vehicles tires something, the Liberia Football Association Executive Committee Member Pawala Janyan termed as very disappointing.

According to him the behavior exhibited by the Sierra Leoneans were brutal, saddened and requires prompt action from the world football governing body, FIFA.

At the same time social media videos and photos show fans and delegates of Liberia as a result of the attacks on them sustained serious wounds and are undergoing treatment.

Prior to the match similar incident took place at the Stadium when the players of Liberia including supporters were again attacked though the Sierra Leonean government promised maximum security protection for the entire delegation of Liberia prior to the match but that was the opposite as Liberians were only at the mercy of God.

Moreover, and even aggressively the outrageous fans of the Leone Star according to reports also wounded four local Red Cross volunteer staffs of that Country who went to render first aid treatment to wounded fans of Liberia.

They claimed that their captain Umaru Zaingaylay,who missed the penalty was seeking shelter and or rescue in a vehicle of Liberia for fear of his life.

In an interview with the EC member of the LFA Mr. Janjan condemned the ugly and unfriendly act and called for swift intervention from the FIFA to avoid the recurrence.

The situation has been greeted with hard feelings from Liberians back home and in the diaspora who taught that as a neighbor of Sierra Leone least expected such bad hobbit especially two times in less than three days in a week.

Pawala additionally noted that Football is a game of good sportsmanship and not war and should be seen by all followers, fans and players as such.

He said result of the game is important but the safety and security of all is also paramount and should be encouraged by followers of the game.

Liberia’s result means that they have now qualified for the group stage of the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Though the fans and delegates are returning home generally in happy and proud mood but others are feeling severe pains and have also sustained wounds as a result of the attacks by the Sierra Leoneans fans who felt they would have capitalized on their home soil to eventually qualify for the group stage of the world cup qualifiers.

Painfully, the Leon star captain Umaru Zaingaylay missed a last minute to time penalty which was saved by young goalkeeper Ashley Williams who will now go down in history for Liberia by denying the fans of Sierra Leon from celebrating on home soil though they won the game, one zero.