UNMIL Human Rights Session ends a day long lecture with Students on Humans Rights issues.


Several Students and Community dwellers including representatives from the Government anchor on Saturday discussed on the importance of Human rights related issues of the Country.

The one day educative and awareness creation session was amongst other things was geared towards enlightening the Students and participants in general on the positives and negatives of human rights issues Nationally.

During the discussion chaired by the head of human rights session of UNMIL Marcel Akpovo he told the students who were attentively listening that human rights issues are very key and should be looked at critically.

He said the right to life, the right to Education, play and equality among others should be provided for and protected as well by all.

Mr. Akpovo praised the sticky issue of the poor and Sande society in Liberia but frowns at the forceful nature of it mainly by people or children who are not willing to be a part of such practice.

The UNMIL Human Rights boss at the same time noted that the practice which normally coincide with the regular school time is unfortunate.

The discussion and interaction got later heated when some participants raised issue about same sex Marriage.

According to him all persons are free to do what they want to do as far as human rights issues are concern but clarified as a person and a catholic by faith, he does not support same sex marriage.

“We have our obligations to respect each other and to co-exist” he added.

It is time he noted that Liberians and students in particular separate rights issues from sentiment.

Marcel in conclusion said the session is meaningful and more needs to be done to ensure students and Liberians are well informed and educated about human rights issues.