UP Special Operations insists Chairman Wilmott Paye Resignation


Former Ruling Unity Party Special Operations is calling for the immediate resignation of the party’s chairman, Willmott Paye.

In a press statement, the group accused chairman Wilmot Paye of what it calls “internal wrangling” the party is currently faced with.

According to UP Special Operations, Mr. Paye failure as leader was transcended to the “failed” June 7 protest and languished citizens in the name of Council of patriots.

The Chairman of the Special Operations Magnus Nian who read the press statement noted that the Party has lost numerous seats at the Legislature due to the “failed” leadership of Chainman Willmott Paye.

“The former ruling party lost the 2017 general elections simply because Chairman Paye lacks the leadership ability especially in uniting partisans” the group added.

Unity Party Special Operations noted that under his chairmanship, some senators and representatives have resigned from the party and joined other political parties due to the way and manner he is managing the party.

Mr. Nian in their statement added that with recent action by the chairman and his followers “Who are tarnishing the image of UP daily” suspended eight (8) senators without a due process under the constitution signals the party continual failure to stand its ground.

“This, in our minds is a complete volition to the organic law of the country”. he lamented.

The Special Operations of Unity Party at the same time called on their partisans to remain commited tio the party despite “Paye’s leadership gaps”.







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