US Embassy Hails Government Efforts in Tracing Down Human Traffickers


The United States embassy in Monrovia has lauded the Liberian government for sufficient efforts in curtailing human trafficking in Liberia over the years.

According to a U.S. Embassy release, the government has shown steadfast willingness to tackle human trafficking especially domestic forced labor of children by reinvigorating the trafficking in persons task force.

The release also revealed that Liberia has been elevated to Tier 2 by the US department states office to monitor and combat trafficking in persons because Liberia has also demonstrated steadfastness in the process by increasing investigation, increasing the identification of victims, and providing budgetary support to anti-trafficking efforts through the the ministry of Labor.

These successes by the Liberian government the US Embassy said require the sustained cooperation of investigators, prosecutors, law enforcement officers and trainers, and labor officials, and show that even under difficult circumstances, when resources appear scarce, the public sector and civil society can work together to protect citizens and promote accountability.

They congratulating the Liberia National Police(LNP), The Liberia Immigration Service (LIS), The Liberia Anti-corruption Commission amongst others for their tireless efforts exerted in fighting human trafficking in Liberia.