US Embassy Vows to Support Fight Against SGBV


Following days of protest against rape and other Sexual Gender Based Violence across the country, the US Embassy never Monrovia says,it supports recent call to end the menace.

A statement from the Embassy on Monday said, it stands with the group of protestors and will continue to help the Government and people of Liberia in fighting this scourge.

‘’The U.S. Embassy stands with all those who have joined to fight sexual- and gender- based violence in this country, stressing that preventing and addressing violence against women, girls and others who are vulnerable is a human rights imperative, not only in Liberia, but globally.’’

The embassy believes that recent protests staged throughout the country is a clear indication that government needs to be robust and take concrete actions aimed at addressing some of the points put forth by the campaigners.

‘’ From rape to intimate partner violence to harassment and intimidation of activists, SGBV remains pervasive, and no country has ended it SGBV threatens the health and safety of survivors and is a barrier to social and economic development’’ the released stated.

Meanwhile the US Embassy has extolled the efforts of President George Weah in putting forth a well-considered Roadmap to End Sexual and Gender-based Violence that includes a comprehensive prevention strategy and commitment to funding for various ministries to support the strategy.

The Embassy urged the Government to target resources to survivors, take a strong stand against female genital mutilation, and ensure swift and transparent prosecution.

According to the US Embassy ending SGBV will require active, persistent, and above all, unified leadership from policymakers, health practitioners, community and faith-based groups, law enforcement and civil society.

The Embassy said it has been working with the Government of Liberia through my ‘’Voice Platform’’ to provide increased awareness against SGBV in all its forms throughout the country.

‘’USAID’s advocacy has resulted in the collection and inclusion of SGBV data, including information on female genital mutilation and domestic violence, in the 2019-2020 Liberia Demographic and Health Survey (LDHS) to help inform effective responses to the problem.”