USA: Bong Citizen Accuses Leaders for Poor Development


By: J. Titus Yekeryan ( Contributor)  

An eminent son of Bong County based in the United States of America, Dennis Garsinii, has blamed leaders of the county for poor management of resources and lack of innovation as contributing factors to the current “undeveloped” status of the County.

Mr. Garsinii speaking to a local radio station from his USA home said, Bong County has the financial power to be developed but that will not be done when those in leadership keep mismanaging the resources.

He said it is completely shameful to have a centrally located County like Bong without a proper development, maintaining that things can only change for the better when those in leadership are properly using the resources for the intended purposes.

He said prior to the war, Bong County had responsible leadership that was focused on the County’s development as compared to now; adding that, those in leadership are not focused to ensure the county progress but themselves.

The US based Bong County Citizen said, things will be fine in the County when leaders put aside their personal ego and make the County’s interest their priority.

He named good financial management and youth empowerment as paths to nation building. “We need to put our leaders’ feet to fire by telling them what they need to do for the interest of the ordinary people, when money comes to you, use it for the right purpose.

Let’s also help develop our young people, if we don’t do that then, how do we expect them to be independent? They will continue to sing behind politicians; which are some of the reasons contributing to the underdevelopment of the County” Mr. Garsinii added.

He also blamed the lack of development of the County on citizens’ inability to resist leaders who do not serve well.

He averred that if a leader doesn’t perform and comes to the citizens for election, “the best thing to do is eat their money and vote against them at the ballot box.”

The eminent son of Bong County has been providing aid to his kinsmen and county which includes fuel and medical equipment that cost hundreds of thousands of United States Dollars.