“Use Your Creativity And Resourcefulness To Help Secure Your Future”,President Weah Encouraged Youth Of Liberia


President George Weah has encouraged young people of

Liberia to use their creativity and resourcefulness to ensure that peace is sustained so that their future can be secure.

Speaking at the 49thNational youth day program Monday the Liberian leader commits his government to youth security through youth empowerment.

He said the advancement of the young people in positive initiative is cardinal under the pro poor agenda.

“You people are at the center of the “PAPD” as such I urged you to promote tranquility and social cohesion for the benefit of the Country, he added.

Dr. Weah wants the over 60% of the Country’s population to work hard and get prepare for future challenges ahead.

He praised the young people for contributing positively to the current peace process that Liberians are enjoying.

Also speaking at the program was youth and sports Minister D. Zeogar Wilson who challenged the young people of Liberia to see themselves as peace ambassadors and engage into dialogues in addressing issues and not through violence.

The ministry he added through dialogue successfully ended a long standing dispute between the Liberia National Students Union and the Mano River Union Youth parliament something he encouraged all young people to emulate.

Mr. Wilson warned politicians to avoid using the young people to foster their selfish political agenda at their detriment.

He said the political interferences into the activities of young people have not only sole seed of disunity amongst them but also made them very in-effective in their activities.

The 49th national youth day program brought together young people from across the Country with the aim of discussing key issues of focus to them to include: Youth Empowerment, Education and job creation.