Van Dave Harmon Not Deterred By Winter Season in Latvia


Former Barrack Young Controllers striker Van Dave Harmon says he is not deterred as the winter season in Latvia approaches.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, October 24, the striker wrote “Winter is not an obstacle.”

The post was shared along with one of his training session images, pictured wearing winter clothing for protection against the cold winter weather.

Harmon currently plays for FS Metta, a professional Latvian football club that play in the Latvian Higher League of since 2012.

Latvia is a European country between Lithuania and Estonia. It is located in the temperate climate zone and has four pronounced seasons including, winter, spring, summers and autumns.

Winter in the European country usually lasts from mid-December to the beginning of March. Air temperature can fluctuate from +5 degrees Celsius down to -30 degrees.

Harmon joined FS Metta in August on a two-year deal following few weeks of try-out at the club. He has so far scored two goals out of ten appearances in all competitions for the club.

FS Metta are in the 7th position on the league table after securing 20 points from 25 league games. They will travel away to the city of Valmiera to face newly promoted side Valmieras in their next fixture on Sunday, October 28


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