Visiting International Trade Unionist Wants The Setting Up Of An Organized,Prepared, Well Structured And Reliable Health System Of Liberia


The Secretary General of the Public Services International Rosa Pavenalli says in order to strengthen the health system of Liberia to ensure that it respond to the international community requirements under the sustainable development goals it is key for national government to develop its own system and find resources to help implement it rather than to always rely on aid or assistance from foreign partners.

Speaking at a news conference madam Pavenalli pointed out that due to the vulnerability of the system which was exposed by the exited Ebola crisis it is now paramount for the current government to provide the quality of service for the people both health workers and patients respectively.

In a move to begin the process she recommended that one of the best ways to go about such is for the government to exercise the political will and moster the courage in fully recognizing trade unions in Liberia.

Rosa explained further that trade unions play a key role in the process and should be recognized for what they do.

According to her their key interest amongst other things is to help strengthen the Democratic system in Liberia towards the consolidation of social dialogue where the Government,employers and the trade union can effectively play their part.
She noted that the inclusion of other stakeholders in said direction is very key.
The international trade unionist wants the real fundamental issues to be addressed to include: inadequate funding to the sector, the scarcity and the lack of professionals in the sector amongst others.

At the same time she indicated that it is imperative for the CDC led government to now organize, prepared a well structured and reliable health system that will conform to present day reality.
She however commended the government for implementing recent recommendation by international partners to reinstate Joseph Tamba and George P.Williams but was quick to add that the government should complete the rest of the recommendations by compensating the two health activists for the long stay out of job and to as well introduce a new regulation that will allow trade union to form a union of their choice.

Rosa flanked by her Swedish colleague Tobias Baudin both challenged the government to do more in creating the save space and environment for good working condition for health workers across the Country.
The health sector they added has a long way to go to ensure it meets up with its international partners.
Though not confirmed but Rosa added that it is sad and a serious problem to learn that about 1b dollars intended for the Public health funds to be transferred to the private sector.

” Let’s place voluntary health workers on salaries,let’s build the infrastructure of the sector and many others to ensure a resilient health system”,she noted.

The Public Services International operating in one hundred and seventy Countries with a membership base of about thirty million workers are championing the cause to campaign for a decent and conducive working environment for the rights of all public health workers across the globe.