Visually Impaired Graduating Senior Appeals for Graduation Fees  


By: Eric Garley (Intern)

After over eight years of study at the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) due to lack of financial support, a visually impaired graduating senior, Rev. Wilfred Z. Gewon is appealing to humanitarians and well-meaning individuals to help him pay his balance and graduation fees after he finally received his preliminary clarence from the University.

According to Rev. Gewon, he is due to pay his balance fees of US$817 and graduation fees of US$185, totalling US$1,002.

If you can be of help to Mr. Gewon, please contact the following cell numbers: 0777551066/0886551066.

“I am a visually impaired person. I have spent about eight years at the AME University, by the grace of God, I will be among those that will be walking out on September 23, but I do not have money to pay the amount I owe the University.”

“I am calling on well-meaning Liberians, and philanthropists, and humanitarians around the world to come to my aid immediately. I have just a little over one month to get this arrear settled so that I can be a part of this graduation come September 23,” Mr. Gewon appealed.

He fears that if the cash is not given to the institution they might deny him participating in the graduation event and seize his academic credential.