Vote No to Referendum; National Christian Taskforce Begins Nationwide Campaign


The National Christin Taskforce of Liberia, is calling on Liberians to reject the pending December 8, 2020 referendum by voting “NO” to all prepositions engulf within the referendum.

The motive behind the proposed changes to the constitution according to the group is questionable.

The National Christian Taskforce believes the action by the government of Liberia headed by soccer legend George Weah, is  what they termed as “in the dark” on grounds that the referendum is being mingled with election.

According to the religious organization, three has been no civic education done for Liberians to know why they should vote yes or no for the referendum in accordance with the constitution of Liberia.

“Under two months is not enough time to adequately educate our people why they should or should not change the constitution.” the taskforce noted.”

Addressing a news conference, the Executive Director of the National Christian Taskforce David Benitoe, told reporters that the official gazette for the amendment of the constitution is too crowded with mix-up information and worst of all not easily accessible.

Additionally, the Taskforce maintain that the prepositions are not national priorities at the moment for Liberians. “Is the constitutional change the burning issue in Liberia right now”?  a rhetorical question the task asked.

The three propositions expected to be considered during the December 8, 2020 polls include; dual citizenship for natural born Liberians, reduction in the tenure of elected government officials and the changing of the election date from raining season in October to the dry season in November of each election year.