VP Taylor Urges Liberian Children To Strive For Bigger Goals In Life


Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor is calling on Liberian children to remain focus and work hard if they should realize their full potential in Life.

Speaking at the first annual commencement ceremony of the Liberian Youth Orchestral, VP Taylor encouraged the talented kids to believe in themselves to ensure that they work hard with commitment and diligence.

She urged the future leaders of Liberia to strive for bigger goals and go beyond their current assignment in order for them to make a difference in the larger society.

The Liberian Vice President indicated that she was amazed to see the kids performing very well after nearly six months of practice.

Madam Taylor calls on the students to strive for excellence and not to allow their past to determine their future.

Also speaking at the ceremony was the founder of the school Julie Mcgeeh who committed her institution’s goal of adding more value to Liberian children.

She said she was impressed with the kids performances and is certain of them doing more in the future.

Madam Mcghee told the gathering at the ceremony that the school has further improved the reading and listening skills of the children.

She said music education is pivotal to future leaders because it helps promote team work, unity, concentration including discipline among Liberian kids.

Madam Mcghee hopes that with the performance of the first batch of kids from the school more parents will be impressed to send their children to the school.

She was also quick to praised the parents of the kids for trusting in them to take care and teach their kids over the six months period.

Meanwhile at the end of the first training program over fifty students after hard work walked away with certificates of achievement from the Youth Orchestral School.



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