“WAEC Maintains Credibility, Welcomes Challenge Of Exams Results” Says WAEC-Boss


Following the release of the 2018/2019 results from the just ended West African Senior Secondary Examinations ( WASSCE) some School Administrators, Parents including  unsuccessful candidates have questioned the  credibility and independence  of the results but speaking to reporters Wednesday August 14, 2019, the Head of National Office of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Dale Gbotoe maintained that the institution remains more credible, professional and independent in its activities..
Mr. Gbotoe said WAEC has over the period improved in its operations and is ensuring to meet up with all professional standards as far as test administration is concerned.
He explained further unlike what is been perceived by the public that about 60% of the marking of the exams papers were done by machine or electronic-means while 40% were done by professional and well trained teachers and education workers respectively, contrary to missed information and public rumors.
The WACE boss said examiners were selected on a professional and impartial basis and had no idea on which school papers or candidate papers to mark and wonder how any foul play can be done.
“All professional and acceptable standards were put in place as well as security measures to ensure the high credibility of WACE as always  was upheld”, added Mr. Gbotoe.
However Mr. Gbotoe pointed out that the entity remains open and impartial in its duty and encouraged  all those who are  in doubt or questioned the credibility of the released of the just ended results to challenge the process.
He clarified that the test which is a regional one was also marked in a regional and professional faction and not single-highhandedly as being perceived by the public.
Many doubting Thomas’s still can’t believe that about 12,000 candidates failed in all subjects in the exams amounting to about forty-two Schools across the Country but the Council said it is willing, prepared and ready to usher anyone or school administrators who are in doubt to come to the offices of WAEC in Congo Town in order  to transparently drilled them through the process but was quick to add that a fee of 5000.00ld will be charged.
Mr. Gbotoe has at the same time welcomed Government’s decision not to graduate any candidate who failed in all subjects in the exams.
He said the decision by the Ministry of Education is in the right direction as WAEC will provide supportive documents to them to ensure that the exercise is implemented to the fullest.
However, the Liberian educator is encouraging the Ministry of Education to carry out the process  smoothly to ensure it served as a warning to others in the future.
The 2019 WASSCE results show a significant improvement of about 30% increment in performance of the students  unlike the inaugural edition.
Meanwhile Mr. Gbotoe is encouraging School Administrators to see the need to put in more time in Physics, Chemistry and Literature respectively for their students.
He said over the period the performances of the candidates have not been impressive but he is confident that with more time and effort given to the students, they can do better in the coming exams.