“Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk, VP Taylor Challenges ECOWAS Parliamentarians


Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor says it is a bad signal the decline of women representation in the governance structure across the region.

Speaking at the opening of the ECOWAS seminar Thursday, September 12, 2019 in Monrovia, VP Taylor encouraged leaders in the region to put in place a system for the revival of said trend aimed at holding of the regional body norms that calls for minimum 30% women representation in all of ECOWAS delegation.

Dr. Taylor said the current statistics at the ECOWAS delegation is contrary to their laws which require 30% women representation in all of ECOWAS delegation.

Currently out of 115 ECOWAS Parliamentarians only 22 are women, a mere 19% while one out of five is in leadership constituting 20% something she noted needs to be looked out critically.

She said it is about time that ECOWAS “Walk the walk and talk the Talk” for the benefit of the people in the region.

She indicated that as the region strives for more inclusiveness at all levels, it is time that the body address said key milestone in the interest of the citizenry in the region.

VP Taylor also encouraged the regional body to invest more time, resources and energy in efforts to breakdown imagine barriers, perceived irreconcilable differences as well as encouraging leaders to build transparent governance system which will remove suspicion of ills and blaming of one another, the combination of which will generate intolerance, hatry and engender violence.

Madam Taylor stressed the need for members in the region to love one another again which she pointed out will serve as the basis through which resources can be harness connectively in order to build an equitable and peaceful society.

Moreover she admonished the current generation to be at the front line against injustices, division and hate.

“Re-program our generation to appreciate the commonality of greatness, the need for peaceful co-existence,yet hidden potential, human and natural resources needed to do great things together”, she intoned.

Historicizing further, the women activist said ancestors of this one continent (Africa) came through difficult experiences to include: Slavery, suppression and exploitation and many others and uttered that now is the time for this current generation to rise up to the occasion and make the necessary change for the society at large.