“WASH” Activists Stage Sit In Action, Calls For The Appointment Of ” WASH ” Commissioners.


Liberia’s Water,Sanitation and Hygiene sector has been experiencing huge challenges for decades due to several reasons to include: Fragmentation in the sector, lack of political-will and massive corruption among others.
The challenges in sector according to “WASH” activist Timothy Kpeh is greatly affecting the people.
Currently open defection is on the increase about 41%of Liberians are practicing such in this 21st century while over 50%lack access to safe drinking water amongst others something Timothy noted is alarming and needs to be address urgently.
In a move to settle the peoples pressing national issues the young activist call on President George Weah to urgently appoint commissioners of the “WASH” commission which was recently passed into law.
Despite the current fragmentation in the sector Timothy believes that if the commissioners are appointed and begin effective work they will bring to an end some of the challenges on going in the sector.
He named: proper regulations, lack of corruption, monitoring and supervision as key issues he is certain that commissioners will work on.
In the absence of that he fears more problems as the ordinary people he noted will feel the pinch.
“Its saddened that we have big partners to support the sector but due to the appointment of commissioners Liberia can’t benefit from said support, this is unfortunate, he added”.
In a more worrisome mood Timothy indicated that there is no funding to the sector in the current on going budget hearing as such he wants President Weah to see the appointment of ” WASH” commissioners as a top national issue.
He said one of the reasons why Liberia was hugely hit by the Eloba crisis was due to the weak “WASH” sector, something he added should not be repeated,especially under the pro- poor government.
Timothy however praised President Weah for joining Liberians recently to launched the Weah for clean city campaign, this he noted is a testimony that the Liberian leader cares for his people and is optimistic that he (Weah) will see the need to do what is prudent in the interest of the masses.
The well organized and coordinated “WASH” sit in action on Wednesday May 23,2018 saw activists including students and Community leaders holding placards at the front of the foreign Ministry to draw the concern of the Liberian leader to see the timely need to appoint commissioners of the “WASH” sector.
Goal six of the sustainable development goals (SDG’s) calls for amongst others things the improvement of the WASH sector by 2030 something the activist fear that Liberia may not achieve in the absence of the appointment of “WASH” commissioners.