WASH sector gets boast as Mayor Koijee calls for the establishment of its commission.


Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T.Koijee has called for the establishment of a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Commission in Liberia.

Mayor Koijee said the commission when established, will monitor and supervise the WASH sector and find remedy for sustainable growth within the sector.

The Mayor of Monrovia who is also the Acting President of the Mayors Association of Liberia noted that the WASH Commission will provide a safe and improve environment for all, something he said is key to the government Pro _ poor agenda.

According to Mayor Koijee, adequate drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene are all essential ingredients to ensure a healthy life for the people of Liberia.

“The same is true for proper wastewater management, which is a basic prerequisite for environmental health. Improving upon these services will bring economic gains while also helping to build resilience” Mayor Koijee added.

The Youthful Mayor pointed out that the lack of access to clean water and basic Sanitation and low hygiene standards increase the vulnerability of the populations to several health related outbreak,making reference to the Ebola outbreak in Liberia.

He said good water and adequate supply of it plays a significant role in promoting the pro- poor agenda of the government.

He further indicated that there is a growing repeated evidence that there is an exposure to unsafe drinking water, poor Sanitation and inadequate hygiene in Liberia which the government seeks to tackle.

Mayor Koijee called for an organize and sustain approach to move the the Country’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene sector forward.

He appreciated donors including UNICEF, USAID the World Bank, UNDP, Samaritan Purse, Concern World Wide amongst others.

He spoke Friday in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County during his closing statement at the Liberia Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Joint Sector Review 2018.

The Two days meeting held under the theme ” Delivering Pro- poor Safety managed and sustainable WASH Service” brought together stakeholders in the WASH sector including donors.
Over the period there has been mounting calls and advocacy from civil society WASH activists for the improvement of the sector and to ensure its exclusivity due to its important role to the general population.
In past years support to the sector has been forth coming but the fragmentation in the sector has been a major impediment to see tangible impact felt on the lives of the ordinary people.
At some point in time political will to enhance and revamp the sector was also a challenge but with one of the key and influential officials of the pro poor government Jefferson Koijee latest intervention thus far Liberians are hopeful of an improved WASH sector soon.