“We are not responsible to screen members” says PUL Election Committee


The Election Committee (EC) of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has clarified that it is not their obligation to screen members on the EC.

The Committee in a release said such responsibility lies on the shoulders of the membership committee (MC) of the Union and not theirs.

According to the release, the EC noted it will not object to any full membership listing submitted by the membership committee as constitutionally required.

The release furthered “The EC describes such attitudes by some PUL members as ” seeking undue public attention for personal glorification and at the detriment of the Union’s image”.

In a related development, the Committee in the press statement said its attention has been drawn to comments by some colleagues amid at “seeking and gaining public sympathy” without presentation that it disqualified a female aspirant.

In the statement, the EC added that “it did not qualify or disqualify aspirant(s) candidate based on gender but is a known fact among PUL cardholders that another female whose application for the position of Vice President for the position of Vice President was approved by the Election Committee after she met all requirements as enshrined in the PUL’s 2009 constitution.

The EC in its press release assured members of the union of a harmonious atmospheric Election with in the spirit of colleagueship and expresses certainty to be characterized by fairness and transparency in the conduct of the PUL election.