“We Believed in Free Speech” Henry Costa Supporters Rallies Over 19k for Legal Defense


Over thirteen thousand five hundred USD cash, has been raised by friends of Henry Costa, leader of the Council of Patriots (COP).

Additional, five thousand USD plus was also pledged during a live public fund-raising campaign on Facebook, while others promised to rally with various ethnic and social groups to support him.

The fund is to help Mr. Costa to hire lawyers in a case filed at the US Court in Delaware by the National Port Authority boss Bill Twehway, following Mr. Costa’s comment linking him to the killing of IAA boss Emmanuel Nyeswa in Liberia.

The program which lasted over three hours saw friends of Mr. Costa venting out their anger on the George Weah government.

Supporters on the live show promised to continue supporting Mr. Costa,  describing  him as the voice of the voiceless and they feel obliged to fight for “their hero.”

Cross section of his supporter from Australia and states in the USA, believed that the government of Liberia is passing through the NPA boss to silent Mr. Costa and the masses voice he amplified.

Expressing appreciation Mr. Henry Costa lauded all supporters for their contribution.

“I want to say thanks to every one of you my deepest gratitude , we don’t normally do this but this  is important because it is not just about me as person but for every one of you. This has been an incredible success, we raised almost 20 thousand dollars in 3-hours. thank you so much.” Costa said.

Mr. Costa told his supporter that his legal team will reply in 15 days as order by the court to the lawsuit, but reveals that they will seek the judge indulgent to dismiss the case and if such is granted that means the case will lost its merit.

He said if the judge refuses their dismissal request then the case will go into jury trial but assured his supporters that his comments were prompted upon his reliable source linking the NPA boss to the killing of the IAA boss.

This is not the first time Mr. Costa has been dragged to court in the USA.  In 2016 former Public Works Minister Gyude Moore pulled him to court but Mr. Costa legal defense defeated the former Public Works Minister.

The controversial talk show host Henry Costa sounded upbeat that the case will be in his favor as he called on his supporter not to fret.