‘We will Not Tolerate an Act Of Terrorism in the City Of Monrovia’: Monrovia City Mayor Warns COP Protesters


By Eric Gerlay

Monrovia City Mayor has warned that the City government will not tolerate any group of citizens who may want to create fear and panic for ordinary citizens in the city through acts of violence.

Mayor Kojee said, despite the fact that the right to assemble must be respected, citizens must desist from acts of lawlessness, especially during this period of national health crisis.

“We want to call on those people who have self decorated themselves as champions of the people to condemn this random act of terrorism. The act to threaten, create fear and panic in the city of Monrovia is totally unacceptable.

We have sent a clear message and we want to let the public know, they’ve got no need to panic.
We are extremely disappointed.
No one is stopping you when you have a disenchantement. You can go to the bollot box and express them. But any attempt for you to endanger fear in this City, we want to say you are making a mistake.

To engage in an act to terrorism on the main streets, what is the essence, to begin fear ? We will ensure that this city is clean, green, and safe for our people,” Mayor Koijee said.

The Mayor’s statement comes after a group of individuals believed to be members of the Council of Patriots (COP) early Thursday morning set ablaze tyres on the main Street of Tubman Boulevard in the Old Road Community, disrupting free movement and causing panic for citizens.

Mayor Koijee condemned violence act carried out by the perpetrators over an alleged attempt of the Government of Liberia to increase the prices of data and call.

The Lord Mayor thanked the Ministry of Justice for its speedy respond in bringing the matter under control.

“At the same time, we say thank you to the Justice Ministry for it promptly respond to bring the perpetrators will be fully pursued,” Mr. Kojee said.

Six people linked to violence act were today arrested by the Liberia National Police (LNP) and will eventually forwarded to court. Police have vowed to arrest other perpetrators of violence.

A few hours after the incident, Henry Costa of the COP took to the Thursday’s edition of his show claiming responsibility for the violence act and threatened government that more of such protest will be staged, if they continue the Sub-Charge on data package.