“Weah Is Engulfed With People Who Are Leading Liberia Into Total Darkness”, Says A Former CDC Partisan


In the wake of the ongoing political and economic crisis in Liberia, a former and angry member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change Prince Tayblah Teh has alleged that President George Weah is engulfed with bad national leaders in government who are leading Liberia into total darkness.

Prince who resigned from CDC due to the ruling Party allege failure to listen to some key concerns from him and others said Liberia is getting worse by the day.

He challenged President Weah to now muster the courage and dismiss some government officials who are not in the interest of the government and its people.

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At the same time Mr. Teh warned the Liberian leader to avoid the many travels and focus on the core issues of the Country.

“Address the Bread and Butter issues of the people”, Prince admonished Dr. Weah.

He told this station that it is painful and heart breaking to depart from a political establishment which he has worked for, has  passion for  and suffered for over the years, but he is now coerced to do so in the best interest of his conscience.

Our people are dying and struggling on a daily basis, please address the US rate, increase in rice, Gasoline, transportation and other basis commodity issues, Mr. Weah, noted Prince.

Prince is not the only Liberian in and out of the Country who has so far alleged of bad surroundings of the Liberian leader especially senior government officials.

Despite their called for the dismissals of key Government officials, the work of the Liberian people is still ongoing as President Weah is yet to listen to their concerns why the masses hope is lying in ruins.

Since the inception of the CDC-led government no major shakeup, reshuffle or dismissals have taken place something some critics believe is necessary to ensure a better and improve public service delivery across all sectors of Liberia.




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